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Bitcoin price drops below $18,000, time to watch out for ‚whale group‘ support areas

The price of Bitcoin lost the support level of USD 18,000, but several groups of whales at lower levels suggest that the drop will be aggressively bought. The Bitcoin price (BTC) fell below the support level of USD 18,000 on … Continue reading

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DASH Price Approaches Resistance After Range Raises

DASH regained support at $ 65. The closest resistance is found at $ 77. The price broke a short term descending resistance line. The DASH / BTC pair hit their lowest level since 2015. The course Dash (Dash) has regained … Continue reading

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Blockchain Bites: Buterin’s Stake, Googles Bitcoin-Suche, Square’s geschäftiges BTC-Geschäft

Die Cash App erzielte im dritten Quartal Bitcoin-Einnahmen in Höhe von über 1 Milliarde US-Dollar für Square. Vitalik Buterin schickte 3.200 ETH an den Einlagenvertrag von Ethereum 2.0. Die Google-Suchdaten zeigen wenig „FOMO“ inmitten des aktuellen Marktbullenlaufs Cash – App, … Continue reading

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Analyst bullish: Expects a „reverse capitulation“ once Bitcoin breaks $14,000

„reverse surrender“ as soon as Bitcoin breaks $14,000 Display Bitcoin is currently traded for just under $13,800, which is another lower limit as it is expected to move higher in the coming days. The coin is below the daily high … Continue reading

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Kanye West: I Bitcoiner sanno come liberare l’umanità

Kanye West, rapper e candidato alla presidenza, parla molto bene della più grande crittovaluta del mondo per limite di mercato. Il rapper e candidato presidenziale Kayne West ha detto che i Bitcoiner sanno come liberare l’umanità. West ha elogiato la … Continue reading

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German STO raises millions for sustainable banking in record time

Banks often invest customer money in industries that have little to do with sustainability. The Hamburg company Tomorrow wants to achieve the opposite. Tomorrow could now score with an extremely successful STO. On October 20th, Tomorrow carried out the most … Continue reading

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Bitcoin prijs: Bitcoin walvissen blijven stevig, zij het multi $11k afwijzingen

Bitcoinprijs consolideren onder $11.000 Bitcoin walvissen houden hun activa vast BTC walvissen die de bitcoin stimuleren Grote uitstroom van mijnwerkers naar beurzen een reden tot zorg voor bitcoinehandelaren De Bitcoin-prijs heeft de laatste tijd gemengde bewegingen gezien. Hoewel de grootste … Continue reading

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Grijsschaal kijkt naar wat Bitcoin zo waardevol maakt

In het kort Grayscale’s laatste rapport suggereerde dat Bitcoin een veel hogere marktkapitalisatie verdient dan het momenteel heeft. De inflatie van traditionele fiatvaluta’s zet beleggers aan tot het zoeken naar nieuwe manieren om hun geld te beschermen. Bitcoin’s aantoonbare schaarste … Continue reading

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Forex Market: The dollar closes the month of August with a minimum of 2 years

The expectations of the future performance of the dollar were met. As analysts and traders in the Forex market expected the dollar to remain in a negative trend. Thus, although it had some upward moments, the greenback ended August with … Continue reading

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Bitcoin (Simbolo: BTCUSD) avrebbe raggiunto i 20.000 dollari entro la fine di quest’anno a causa delle preoccupazioni sull’inflazione. Sfortunatamente, ora sembra improbabile che ciò accada. È visibile nel modo in cui la principale crittovaluta mondiale ha reagito al nuovo approccio … Continue reading

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